1. Inquiry

Maine Construction Group is contacted via website, email or phone by the client. Once the inquiry is made, they will set up an initial consultation with the client. This consultation will be setup within a week from when the client contacted Maine Construction Group.

Initial Meeting & Plan Brainstorming

2. Initial Meeting & Plan Brainstorming

Maine Construction Group will meet with the customer on their scheduled date at the main office location in Holden, ME. They will listen to all of the clients thoughts and ideas, while developing a plan together. This meeting can last 1-2 hours.

*Note: It is always helpful when the customer brings pictures, samples, etc. of design aspects that they like. Some customers are unsure of what direction they want take and if that's the case Maine Construction Group will make recommendations to them.

Planning Development (Scheduling, Design, Materials)

3. Planning Development (Scheduling, Design, Materials)

As the design is developed, Maine Construction Group will begin to gather a material list of the parts and pieces that are included in the home. This includes earthwork costs, foundation material/labor costs, framing material, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, exterior doors and windows, flooring, interior doors & kitchen/bath cabinets.

In most cases, Maine Construction Group acts as the general contractor and coordinates the project from the conception to the finished product. They make use with a scheduling software, which allows them to coordinate with necessary subcontractors, as well as give the customer an accurate deadline to move in.

Proposal (Approval)

4. Proposal (Approval)

Based upon Maine Construction Group's conversations with the client, a completed design layout and a materials list, Maine Construction Group will compile this information and put it into a proposal. This proposal will detail what materials will be used for the project and the labor that will be involved to complete the work. Maine Construction Group's proposal will be a guaranteed, maximum price which assures all customer what they will be paying for their new home.


5. Contract

Once all of the terms in the proposal are agreed upon, a standard construction contract is drafted. The contract includes language which protects both the customer and the contractor. It has details which link it directly to the proposal, as well as payment terms, change order fees, and more.

Upon the signing of the contract, one third of the proposal cost is expected & exchanged at this time. The remainder of the contract amount will be broken up into trigger point payments which usually occur at different points in time such as: the completion of the foundation, rough framing and finished project. A retainer of 5% is usually held back until the completed project is agreed upon by the customer and Maine Construction Group. The retainer is always collected before the home is turned over to the new owner.

Schedule Project

6. Schedule Project

Maine Construction Group will be responsible for supplying/scheduling all of the materials and contractors to get the project completed. We keep our customers informed along the way with the use of scheduling software.

Begin Building

7. Begin Building

All of Maine Construction Group's projects include earthwork. Due to the weight of the equipment used, we are constrained by the seasons to get this process started. Depending on road postings (where weight restrictions limit travel weight to loads less than 25,000 lbs), most earthwork is limited to the months of May - December. Their goal is to schedule the earthwork portion of the job to be done during these opportune months. Once the earthwork has begun it can take (depending on the lot size and scope of work) 1-2 months before the foundation is ready.

One the foundation is ready, they begin with the rough framing. The rough framing portion can take 1-2 months to complete so that the house is in a dried in "shell" state.

Once the shell is secured, all electrical and plumbing rough-ins will begin, followed by the wall cavity insulation and wall covering (in most cases drywall/paint). This process can take 1 month.

Next comes the finished work including, flooring, cabinets, trim & finished stairs. Depending on the size of the project this can all be done in within 1-2 months.

The total time the process takes, from the start of the earthwork to the point when the home is ready to be lived in, is usually between 5-7months. More complex projects can take as much as 10 months to complete.