Maine Construction Group offers construction planning and design services. Planning is essential to assuring your project is a success at all phases. Our planning and design department works hand in hand with our construction division to insure a smooth and successful realization of your project. Our 3D images will allow you to see your home remodeling or new home plans through each step of the design phase. It also allows clear channels of communication so everyone is on the same page.

Some ways that having an in-house planning and design department can make your project more efficient:

  • No wait time for design edits and changes
  • You can see what your project will look like from the beginning to the end.
  • Design software generates a materials list for each project
  • Software allows for an accurate cost projection for each project and helps eliminate additional costs


We consult with you to get the overall look and feel of your design right. Your home is a representation of you and the style of it should reflect that. A home should not only function with ease but should be aesthetically pleasing as well. From a traditional feel to a more modern take, Maine Construction Group considers the personal style of each client when creating a custom design.

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We use project scheduling software and computer aided design (CAD) software to assist in designing each project. The three-dimensional images produced using this software will allow you to see your plans through each step of the design phase. It also makes communicating design ideas makes smoother. Where we are in control of the design process, your edits and changes are made much faster. Perhaps most importantly, the program has the ability to automatically generate a materials list for each project based on the features in the design. This allows for extremely accurate cost estimation.


Owner Ryan Francis is an expert with CAD design software and project scheduling software. Ryan has two very popular designs which clients can choose from. The designs are customizable and the client can adjust the design to their liking. One of the designs is a colonial home with 3 or 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The other design is an executive ranch with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. These design concepts were created under the basic fundamentals of home construction and remodeling, keeping quality and functionality in mind.

Additional Details

Building Solutions

At Maine Construction Group, majority of our clients have chosen to partner with us because of our honest recommendations. We often find that our clients aren't being told the best solution when it comes to the construction of a home. A lot of companies will go out there and offer a solution that will take care of a problem for the next year, not twenty years to come. We pride ourselves on meeting with our customer, looking at the entire property, and coming up with a solution that best fits the clients needs and will cost them less in the long run. We also have great supplier relationships and will only work with specific manufacturer products that we trust.

Project Design

As listed above, Maine Construction Group has continued to stay educated on the latest trends of construction planning and design services. CAD design software and Microsoft projects are the perfect solution to any client that wants constant ease of communication and success in building the home of their dreams! Use of these programs separate us apart from other companies out there who are unable to execute organization through Excel, CAD Projects and constant customer e-mail/phone correspondence. You will experience fast and efficient results when looking to make a change in your design, on top of constantly having access to the look/feel of the design.

Project Planning & Construction Site Execution

When planning to work with a construction company, one of your first concerns should be who is going to be completing this work for you. At Maine Construction Group, we have an in-house team that will complete all projects. We are not a one man show and we will never delegate any work to sub-contractors. We do not subcontract our work because we feel it removes direct responsibility and removes proper introductions and expectations. Having an in-house team will allow for better communication, which in turn will result in quality work.